Best pizza in Phu Quoc island – Pizza Camia

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The distance between Italy and Phu Quoc island is almost 10 000 km. But on this beautiful Vietnamese island you can enjoy an authentic Italian pizzas and pasta.

Camia restaurant - outside
Camia restaurant – outside

In Camia pizza all dishes are perfect, with carefully selected fresh ingredients.

Camia restaurant - interior
Camia restaurant – interior

We tried best pizza in Phu Quoc at Camia restaurant. We were there 3-4 times during our holiday and every time everything was amazing.

Camia restaurant - oven pizza
Camia restaurant – oven pizza

Each slice of pizza is perfection itself, with amazing crust.

Camia restaurant - inside
Camia restaurant – inside

The salads are absolutely delicious with excellent dressing. Of course, the vegetables are super fresh and beautifully presented.

Best pizza in Phu Quoc - mix vegetable pizza
Best pizza in Phu Quoc – mix vegetable pizza

We tried Mix vegetable pizza and Mushroom pizza.

The taste was WOW! You can enjoy a crispy crust and rich layers of melted cheese.

We had also a mixed salad – you have an optional dressing: balsamic, lemon oil or mulberry dressing. Highly recommend a salad with grilled beetroot, pumpkin and ricotta cheese too. Every bite is refreshing, full with flavours and textures.

Beetroot salad
Beetroot salad

Everything happened really quickly and the waitresses are super attentive and so friendly. They speak excellent English and will greet you with lovely smiles.

Red Saigon beer
Red Saigon beer

If you are not hungry, you can stop by for coffee, refreshing drinks and dessert. The cappuccino is perfect, the mocktail named Blue Camia is outstanding. The chocolate brownie is super delicious, but our favorite dessert is white chocolate cake.

You can seat inside – they have a large space with AC, or outside.

The payment with credit card is possible.

Camia restaurant - the bill
Camia restaurant – the bill

The address for best pizza in Phu Quoc is: 89 Đường Trần Hưng Đạo, TT. Dương Đông, Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang 92500

Definitely we will be back! Thank you for amazing food and great service!

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