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Our list: 5 best cities in Japan to visit

We were in Japan in April

Japan was our big dream. This year we visited the country while enjoying sakura season. Of course, so many places was crowded… At this time of year always you must to expect big lines everywhere.

This is our list with 5 best cities in Japan to visit:


Tokyo is capital city with many tourist spots. Some of famous places: Shinjuku, Shibuya crossing, Giant 3D cat cafe, the Hachiko statue, Akhibara, Asakusa.


Golden pavilion - Kyoto
Golden pavilion, Kyoto

Kyoto – the ancient capital of Japan. Here you must to visit Golden temple, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Nijo Castle. If you want a see real geishas, visit the entertainment district of Gion.


Osaka Castle (Osaka-jo) - Japan
Osaka Castle (Osaka-jo) – Japan

Osaka will surprise you with rural Japanese charm. Castle in Osaka is a must-see. Here you can find rich history and amazing architecture. Great touristic spots: Dotonburi market, Universal studios Japan, Kuromon market.


Nara deers, Japan
The deers in Nara are fearless

Nara is a fairytale. Here, you can feed deers and take a great pictures for your Instagram. The deers are everywhere in the city and they are fearless. Just buy them a crackers and enjoy your time.


Okayama Castle, Japan
Okayama Castle, Japan

Okayama is a nice city. This is the “Kingdom of fruits”. Here you can find a premium quality white peaches and grapes. Famous touristic spots: Okayama castle, Korakuen garden, Yumeji art museum.

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