Phu Quoc island, Vietnam – how to get there? Things to do

Phu Quoc is a beautiful Vietnamese island

Phu Quoc is a classic island destination. It’s not packed with activities like a major city, but it’s fun to explore!

Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc – beautiful island in Vietnam

How to get there?

Phu Quoc is close to Cambodia, but it’s a Vietnamese territory. The island has two season – dry and rainy. Dry season begin October and continue to April. From May to October is a rainy season.

Phu Quoc has an airport in operation, so you can fly there direct from any major airport in Vietnam. There’s direct international flights from Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand.

If you’re coming from Cambodia, it’s best to get a minibus from Sihanoukville to Kampot, cross the border to Ha Tien (usually all in one ticket) and then ferry to the island.

We prefer to get a sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Tien and ferry to the island (all in one ticket again).

Things to do:

– Phu Quoc has a pretty much nice beaches. The famous one is Long beach. But if you want to see a white sand, go to do Sao beach. It’s quite touristy, but beautiful white sand and turquoise water. If you want to enjoy a nice beach, cafes and beautiful sunset, you have to choose the beach near Intercontinental hotel.

– Go to do Grand World Phu Quoc, well-known for the name “The sleepless city”.

Grand World Phu Quoc
Grand World Phu Quoc is a huge complex

Grand World Phu Quoc is an entertainment and shopping complex.

Grand World Phu Quoc
Your photo spot for Instagram

Here you will find many spots for Instagram photos.

Romantic photo bench
Romantic photo bench

– The Dinh Cau Night Market is worth a visit.

– You can take a tour to a local fishing village, pepper farm or fish sauce factory.

Lake and statue at the park
Colourful place for amazing pictures

Fun fact: Phu Quoc is a paradise for South Korean and Russian tourists. So don’t be surprised, if you head to a restaurant and find a menu in three languages, but none of them English.

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