AnBa cafe, Phu Quoc – the best coconut coffee ever!

Perfect place for relax and good coffee

If you’re a coffee lover like me, you should try this one! AnBa cafe in Phu Quoc island, Vietnam, offers the best coconut coffee ever! I’ve also tried their cappuccino, it’s good, but coconut coffee is at another level.

AnBa entry
The entry

Anba Cafe offers a delightful experience in Phu Quoc island with its spacious indoor section, complete with refreshing air conditioning – a rare find in the area.

AnBa coffee interior
AnBa coffee has a unique interior

The elegant stone walls add to the ambiance, making it a charming spot to unwind and enjoy quality food.

English breakfast in AnBa coffee
English breakfast in AnBa coffee

We tried a chicken burger and English breakfast – they were very tasty!

Chicken burger - Anba coffee
Chicken burger with French fries

One pan beef with bread is very well prepared – the meat is tender and yummy. The waiter was so quick and always with a big smile.

One pan beef with bread
One pan beef with bread – really yummy!

Good news for a digital nomads: here you will find a serene setting. Great place to work with a laptop with several sockets.

They have a big garden with many Instagram-worthy spots. Many Instagramers come here to take a really good photos. The big tree is beautiful.

If you’re in Phu Quoc, go to AnBa cafe and enjoy their coffee, breakfast or special tea. The coconut coffee must be #1 on your list.

Coconut coffee
Coconut coffee – the best one!

The quality of drinks was excellent, it was presented very well and you also get water as an extra which is a nice touch. The price was fair.

The cafe is easy to find, very close to the famous King Kong mart, on the main street. If you stay in Philip Bungalow, you will get a discount in AnBa. It’s a great deal!

You can pay cash, but they also take cards.

We will come back!

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