Best cheesecake in Japan – welcome to Sola, Kobe!

Cheesecake, coffee and nature

Best cheesecake in Japan – you can try it in Kobe!

Probably you know – Kobe is most famous with one of the high-class beef brands in Japan. But this city offers much more – here you can try the best cheesecake over all of Japan. We tried the best cheesecake in Sola cafe and we found out every restaurant, cafe and bakery has its own recipe.

Sola cafe Kobe
Sola cafe Kobe

Sola cafe is located near Shin-Kobe station and famous Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Ropeway. If you are walking from the station, it’s a little bit hard to find, but please use the Google maps and everything will be fine.

Sola cafe menu
Sola cafe menu

The cafe is tucked away from the crowd and the ambiance was really relaxing and calming.

Interior in cafe
Interior in the cafe

This place is connected to an outdoor furniture and gardening shop – so you can look at them too. We took our sweet time enjoying the view, drinking coffee, eating desserts and just chatting.

Place for lunch, Japan
Place for lunch, Japan

I ordered a very famous Kobe cheesecake and it was amazing! We also ordered a very popular French dessert named Mont Blanc, cappuccino and latte.

Every bite was so delicious!

Mont Blanc dessert
Mont Blanc dessert

The coffee was strong, aromatic and freshly ground. The Japanese version of Mont Blanc contains a sponge cake, tart shell and sweetened chestnut puree.

If you are hungry, you can order main dishes from their lunch menu. They have many options like rice and curry, sandwiches, fish and chips etc.

Atmosphere in the cafe
Ghibli jazz music

The staff is always friendly and very welcoming. The service was great!

Sola cafe is beautifully located and designed. Surrounded by nature on the outside and filled with it on the inside! This place is definitely an oasis for foodies! It was so aesthetically beautiful with all these beautiful and exotic plants.

Sola cafe flowers shop
The flowers shop is next to Sola cafe

One more plus – you can listen a relaxing Ghibli jazz music while enjoy your coffee.

Located on the hills of Kitano, Kobe, they offer a good relaxing time enveloped in greenery and sunlight.

If you are in Kobe, please check them out!

Kobe cafe
Kobe cafe

The address for best cheesecake in Japan is: 650-0002 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo Ward, Kitanocho, 1 Chome−5−4

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